Shiqi Zhang


Shiqi is an avid sports enthusiast, regularly participating in the gym training, boxing, and snowboarding. This passion for physical activity sparked her curiosity and drove her to explore the components of body movement. She eventually discovered Pilates and was captivated by the way it made her feel, improving her posture, balance, core strength, and mindfulness of her body's spatial movements. After completing Teaching Training through Balanced Body, she became an instructor and manager at J Pilates.

According to Shiqi, Pilates is a safe and sensible exercise system that helps individuals achieve their best physical and mental state. She strongly believes that a healthy mind-body connection is the key to happiness and is instrumental in achieving life balance. Shiqi strives to assist her clients in developing their full potential by strengthening both their bodies and minds, guiding them to attain their fitness goals at their own pace through balanced movement and whole-body strength training. Her ultimate goal is to inspire people to move better today than they did yesterday, and she is eager to share her love for Pilates and demonstrates that it is accessible to everyone.

Balanced Body Pilates Instructor

Pre/Postnatal Pilates Specialist


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